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Enjoy the same great service home and abroad at affordable prices through 200+international networks worldwide

What you need to know before you start travelling

Prepay customers

Your account is already activated to allow roaming provided you have sufficient airtime

Postpay customers

To activate roaming, simply dial *200# or *456# before leaving Kenya. Corporate PostPay customers contact your account manager for roaming activation

Most phones will automatically switch to the strongest available network.

To select preferred network:
Go to settings on your phone > Wireless and networks > mobile network > Data roaming >Select preferred network from the list of networks presented to you

Turn off automatic updates to minimize data charges

  • On Iphone: Go to settings>General>Background App Refresh> and turn Background App Refresh to Off
  • On Android: Go to settings>Apps & notifications> App notifications> Notifications>Disable all App notifications

Enjoy great rates in 200+ destinations

From Ksh. 5/= per mb

About Safaricom roaming

This is a service that allows you to use your local number in different parts of the world as if you are in Kenya. The goal is to ensure that you access the same services that you subscribe to at home when you are abroad or in a different geographic range. Safaricom roaming is accessible to both PostPay and PrePay customers.

Daima Service

About Daima Service

The Daima Service aims at giving Safaricom subscribers an opportunity to extend their line’s lifecycle for a duration of time under the available options.

Why Safaricom Roaming

Enjoy the best of our voice, SMS, and Data from anywhere you are in the globe

Roam More, Worry Less

Safaricom Roaming

From Ksh. 10/= per minute

Enjoy the same, great services when abroad

We ensure millions of mobile customers and devices connect in virtually every country of the world. With more than 200 mobile operators including some of the world’s top players using our services, you can be assured of excellent roaming services.

Calling abroad shouldn’t be a hassle

Safaricom Roaming

Check international calling rates

Call anywhere in the world from Kenya

Stay in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world conveniently from our network. You can also enjoy special bundles to make calls to USA, Canada and India for as low as Ksh. 20/-

Dial *444# to get started

What most people ask about roaming

Roaming is a service that enables Safaricom mobile subscribers to automatically make and receive voice calls, send text messages and use mobile data or access other services when travelling outside Kenya, by means of using a visited network.


Most phones will automatically connect to a preferred network and start roaming when switched on in the visited country. If this does not happen Go to settings> Mobile Data > and select Data roaming as “ON”


Post pay customers need to activate roaming service before leaving the country. Simply dial *200# or *456#, follow the prompts and select “Activate Roaming Service”. Coperate PostPay customers will be required to contact their account manager for roaming activation. No deposit is required to activate roaming on both PrePay and PostPay

Send mail to should you forget to activate roaming on your PostPay line before leaving the country (Kenya)


To call home (Kenya) when roaming: Dial + 254 followed by the desired number, e.g. Safaricom mobile number, dial +254 7xxxxxxxx

Call any destination within the country you are visiting by simply dialing the relevant area code followed by the phone number.

Once you turn off data roaming, you won't have access to mobile data when outside Kenya. Normal text messages and voice calls don't use data

Roaming Bundles allow you to enjoy discounted rates on outgoing calls, incoming calls, outgoing SMS, and Data in selected destinations and partner networks

Bundles will only be used or consumed when roaming on Safaricom partner networks

Simply use Zuri chat on the roaming website to contact Safaricom customer care or dial the PrePay Customer care number via +254 7222 002 100.You will be charged the applicable rate indicated in the tariff schedule i.e. the rate applicable to calls made back home (to Safaricom)

You can use STK, USSD *334# and M-PESA or Safaricom App.

Roaming customers will be charged from airtime, credit limit or Postpay bundles whenever they use STK for M-PESA transactions.

Roaming SMS charges will apply for send money, balance query/Menu update requests, pay bill, till payments and/or any other STK request originating from the handset.

Prepaid customers with insufficient airtime will be unable to transact using M-PESA STK option. They will get the notification: “M-PESA transaction cannot be completed due to insufficient airtime. Dial *334# or use M-PESA/Safaricom App to avoid roaming SMS charges for M-PESA transactions”.

This is a service that allows Safaricom subscribers to call other phone users in different parts of the world

The service is activated by default, all you need to do is to dial “+”, followed by the country code and then the phone number

This product allows Safaricom customers to make international calls at lower in-bundle rates.

The bundle is available for both PrePay and PostPay Safaricom subscribers and can be accessed by dialing *100#, *200# respectively then selecting “Products and Services” followed by “International Calling”

International calling bundles cannot be used for making local calls